Pixie Clone Capture

Dive into a magical world filled with multiplied pixies in the Pixie Clone Capture game! Can you save the day and catch them with Ms. Faragonda's wand?

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About Pixie Clone Capture Game

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Professor Wizgiz's invention, the Magical Multiplier, has gone haywire, making too many pixies in the Pixie Clone Capture game! Even worse, they're enchanted with a spell from the sneaky Lord Darkar. This spell makes them want to go home and could lead Lord Darkar to the super secret Codex!

As a brave helper, it's up to you to stop these homesick pixies from escaping! Ms. Faragonda trusts you to use her special magic wand and catch the pixies before they reveal the Codex's location.

How to Play

To start your magical journey, you'll have Ms. Faragonda's wand by your side. With this wand, you can create a magical shield. Just click, hold down, drag around the pixies, and then let go. This shield will catch those speedy pixies!

While you're on your mission, there are a couple of things you can collect to help you. Spotting hourglasses? Great! They give you extra time to catch more pixies. Oh, and those shiny gems? They make your magic even stronger! But remember, you only have a tiny bit of time to collect and save as many pixies as possible, so be super quick!

As you play, you'll notice the homesickness spell makes the pixies a bit tricky to catch. They move in fun patterns and sometimes even group up. But that's the fun challenge: figuring out the best way to capture them with your magic shield.

What else you should know

Keep an eye out for groups of pixies flying close together. If you time it right, one shield can catch a bunch at once! Also, even if you spot a gem or hourglass, make sure you're in a good position. Sometimes, it's worth getting them first, but other times, capturing a big group of pixies might be better.

The fate of the magical realm hangs in the balance, and only your swift reflexes and strategic mind can prevent chaos. With enchanted tools at your disposal and a world relying on you, are you ready to embark on this magical quest? Dive in and protect the realm from impending doom!