Harmonix Mission

Embark on an underwater maze adventure with glittering gems in the Harmonix Mission game! Dive deep, dodge sea creatures, and clear all the levels!

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About Harmonix Mission Game

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Dive into the deep blue sea with Harmonix Mission, a game that takes you on an underwater maze adventure! Have you ever imagined navigating through beautiful oceanic mazes with glittering gems and playful sea creatures all around? This game brings that dream to life, turning you into an undersea explorer, maneuvering through winding paths with a shimmering gem in tow.

You, brave explorer, are entrusted with a sparkling gem. Your goal? Safely navigate this gem through the twisting and turning mazes of the ocean, and place it on a special starfish waiting at the end. But beware! The ocean holds both beauty and challenges.

How to Play

Ready to begin your sea quest? Grab each gem with your trusty mouse and guide it, making sure to stay on the path and out of harm's way.

The ocean depths are mesmerizing, and every level welcomes you with a new maze and a radiant gem of a different hue. This gem has a special place on a starfish, and it's your job to ensure it gets there safely.

But the journey isn't all smooth sailing. As you navigate, you'll encounter curious fish and other sea creatures. These aquatic friends have their own paths and patterns, moving back and forth. Your task is to keep an eye on them, predict their moves, and avoid any contact.

What else you should know

One thing to remember: the ocean has its rules. If your gem touches the maze walls or bumps into any of the sea creatures, you'll have to restart from the beginning of that level. The sea is both patient and challenging, so you'll get as many tries as you need to succeed.

A tip for all our budding sea navigators: patience is the key! Take a moment before starting each maze to observe the movement patterns of the sea creatures. Understanding their rhythms will help you weave your way through safely. And remember, slow and steady often wins the race in the deep blue!

Every maze is a new story, every gem is a new challenge, and every sea creature is a part of this enchanting underwater tale. Ready to dive deep into a world of shimmering gems, playful fish, and winding paths? The ocean awaits your exploration, so let's join the adventure!