Fairy Photo Booth

Try the Fairy Photo Booth game to have a photoshoot with the Winx Club fairies! Can you use the decorations and backgrounds to create captivating pictures?

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Meet the Winx girls and put your photographing skills to the test in the Fairy Photo Booth game! You will have plenty of chances to experiment with different backgrounds, decorations, and styles to make some of the best photos. Bloom, Flora, Stella, Tecna, Musa, and Aisha are all here waiting for you to take their pictures. Let your creativity shine and show the fairies what you got!

Your role is to create a perfect setting for the girls and take their pictures in the photo booth! However, don't overthink it. You will have plenty of instruments to create original designs and take awesome photos! How many creative pictures will you take?

How to Play

The controls are pretty straightforward! You only need your mouse to prepare the scene and take the photos. Use the Left click to experiment with the many backgrounds and decorations you have at your disposal. Also, you can change the fairies' positions in the frame by selecting them and rotating or making the pair bigger.

See? A photo booth is not that hard to use after all. The only thing you have to focus on it's your imagination!

Firstly, pick the pair you want for this photo shoot! You can only choose two fairies to start the photo booth experience. After you have the final decision, you can begin the challenge! At the same time, try to pair all the fairies so each will have a picture with every girl. It will take a couple of tries, but it's worth your while!

Let your imagination loose! There will be many backgrounds, decorations, and borders to try out. You should experiment with them and see what combination will create the best photos!

There's more you should know!

Remember that there is no correct way of playing this game. The only thing you need to do is to have fun and make as many designs as you want!

Lastly, you need three photos to complete a shooting! You can diversify and change the props and make the pictures different from one another. Or you can try repositioning the fairies to change how they look in the frame. Everything is up to you!

Are you ready to start the magical photoshoot with the Winx club? The girls can't wait to see what ideas you will create! Let's hurry and get in that photo booth.