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Play the Create Your Magazine Cover game to shine with the Winx girls on your personalized cover! Unleash your style and twin with your favorite Winx!

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About Create your Magazine Cover Game

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Hey there, superstar! Have you ever dreamt of being on the cover of a magazine with your favorite Winx characters? With the Create Your Magazine Cover game, you can make that dream come true! Dive into a world where you mix and match, becoming the star of your very own Winx-themed magazine cover. Lights, camera, magic!

Your task is super fun! Create the most enchanting magazine cover ever featuring YOU and the dazzling Winx girls. Get ready to showcase your style, pick the perfect picture, and shine like the star you truly are!

How to Play

To start your dazzling design adventure, first, you need a special passcode. Don't worry; we've got a magical code just for you: WINXMAGAZINE0100. Enter this on the first screen, and the world of magazine design will open up for you!

First things first, decide on that stunning picture for your cover. You've got three magical choices:

1. Take a fresh photo using your webcam.

2. Have a favorite photo on your computer? Just click on the [Browse] button, find that special picture, and select it. Remember, this is YOUR moment to shine, so pick a photo that showcases your face as it'll replace one of the Winx girls.

3. Not in a selfie mood? Use the default picture and join the original Winx girls!

Now, here comes the magical part. Choose which Winx girl you want to twin with: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, or Aisha. Once you've picked your twin, position your picture to fit perfectly with your chosen Winx model.

Next, set the mood with a fabulous background. There are 6 mesmerizing options waiting for you. 

But wait, there's more! Add those personal touches that make the cover truly yours. Fill in your name because you're the star! And choose one enchanting motto out of the six options to give your cover that special sparkle.

What else you should know

All set? Click on the 'Finish' button to behold your masterpiece! Want to hold it in your hands? Go ahead and print it. Or unleash your creativity again and design a new cover.

Here's a little tip: try different face angles when you take or choose your photo. It can make all the difference in how you twin with your chosen Winx girl. And remember, the mottos can change the entire vibe of your cover, so choose one that makes your heart sing!

In this magical game, not only do you get to express your unique style, but you also become a star alongside the Winx girls. Every choice you make, from the photo to the background, crafts a tale of enchantment. So why wait? Dive in, design, and let your starlight shine brightly on your very own magazine cover!