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Take care of each of your customers in the Winx Nail Shop Game! Recreate their requested nails designs or train your creativity with a look of your own!

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Design and personalize your nails in the Winx Nail Shop Game! Time waits for no one in the magical Kingdom of Alfea. With things moving at the speed of light and new companies arising every day, Bloom and Musa decided to create a small business of their own!

Your job is to help the girls with their newly purchased Nail Salon. Yet it takes a lot of work to provide the most luxurious treatments in town while keeping the business running. Prove yourself to be a skillful partner and make sure that each of your customers' needs and preferences is well taken care of! What do you say, are you ready for some color-filled action?

How to Play

To make the perfect nails, you must take into consideration every detail and shade. That's why Bloom has selected a wide range of colors and patterns for you to choose from. Now, in the Main Menu, you have three options: Tutorial, Quick Play, and Challenge.

Give it a shot and see how well you can handle customers in Quick Play. There are no restrictions in this mode. First, let's select a color from the nail polish shelf. Once you've clicked on it, hold onto the left mouse button and start filling the nails with short moves. It's like coloring an illustrated book!

Once you've finished all five nails, go on and select the Blow Dryer to dry them up. This will also give them a nice, shiny finish. Carefully blot each nail BEFORE you apply any patterns, for that you won't be able to do it afterward.

Once you're satisfied with the color, we can move on to details. Add different Patterns and Decals to make them look prettier. If, by any chance, you make a mistake in design, use the Nail Polish Remover to start the process all over again.

Test your skills with the Challenge Mode!

Should you want to see the instructions again, click on Tutorial in the Mail Menu. When you get the hang of it, go ahead and enter the Challenge. The previous rules apply, but now you must recreate the look from a photo, hanged in the top left corner of the screen, to the best of your abilities. When you're ready, click on Done to move on to the next customer.

See how many designs you can handle in one shot! At the top of the page, you'll have the score and the number of customers served. The score is calculated based on how much does your work resembles the customer's request.

Now that you've learned the basics go ahead and have fun! Make sure to let all of your friends know about the latest trend in town!