Palladium Potion Class

Play the Palladium Potion Class game to study alchemy and potion brewing at Alfea! Prove your skills by memorizing all the ingredients for the potions!

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Find out if you got what it takes to be a Winx Fairy in the Palladium Potion Class game! Alfea has always been known for its perfectly well-trained students and its focus on excellence and discipline. As the Final Exams are approaching, teachers at Alfea are trying their best to guide and prepare their students for this challenge.

Our favorite potions teacher, Mr. Palladium, has prepared an Elixir Test, based on the student’s memorizing skills. Your job is to remember all the ingredients that make up the potions stored on Palladium’s shelves and reproduce the recipes. Prove yourself to be a dutiful student, and you shall ace your Final Exams with no problems! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Become one of the top students at Alfea!

To successfully complete the test, you will have to go through several challenges. For the first challenge, you have 60 seconds to make 3 potions! Additionally, you will be allowed to look at the ingredients list for only 5 seconds. That’s more than enough for one mixture … if you’re quick.

Now for the brewing process, left-click and drag the ingredients into the mixture flask on the table. Note that you will need to pick out all the right ingredients to proceed to the next stage. Now click on the Green Tick to prepare the potion. Be careful not to mess it up, for there is little to no time for you to redo the mixture!

Give yourself a second chance!

If you do enter the wrong ingredients, however, there is a way out. Simply click on the Red Cross to throw away the mixture. Phew, that was close! If you feel lost, you can also click on the Hint button to take a look at the required ingredients again.

More ingredients will be added on your list, as the gameplay progresses.  At the end of each level, you will get bonus points for completing the tasks before the time runs up. Now that you know how to play go ahead and have fun!