Pets Snow Ride

Collect all the gems in the Pets Snow Ride game! Use the arrows to slide through the woods and help the Winx girls get home in time for the Holidays!

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Return to the Alfea College for Fairies in the Pets Snow Ride game! It's winter already, and everyone is getting ready to travel back to their Kingdoms and spend the Holidays with their beloved ones. Unfortunately, in the Christmasy atmosphere, our five favorite fairies, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa, somehow managed to lose all their transfiguration gems. Without their power, the girls are stuck in this dimension for good, with no alternative whatsoever to open a portal and get home in time for the festivities.

Your job is to help them recover what has been lost. Search the nearby forest, slide through shallow trees, creepy graveyard stones, and frightening gargoyles to collect as many gems as possible before you ran out of lives.

Prove yourself to be a true friend to the Winx Club and help the girls get out of this messy situation. Life in Alfea is always full of surprises, but do you think you can rise to this challenge?

How to Play

To explore the surroundings of the College of Fairies, you will need to pick up your favorite pet and slide down the snowy mountain into the dark, mysterious woods. After you've selected your companion, pick up a sled to fit your needs.

All the specifics, including Speed and Ability, are listed below each item, so make sure to choose that is powerful enough to carry you on this quest. I would advise one with a bit more Ability, to the detriment of Energy and Speed, because it will allow more space for maneuvering.

Once you've got your gear set, it's time to go! Use the Arrow Keys to control your character down the slope. Ditch out trolls, scary-looking trees, and possessed gargoyles to finish the race in one piece!

You'll start off with five lives, but each face to face encounter with one of these little fellows will cost you! The remaining number of lives is listed on the top left corner of the screen. Every once in a while, a jumping slope will appear in your way. Use these power-ups to earn more points for yourself!

Congratulations! You are rocking it! Make sure to finish collecting the gems before Christmas Eve is upon you.