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Find your true love in the Winx Club Love Test game! Enter both of your details, see how compatible you are, and discover your heart's true desires!

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Destiny is knocking at your door in the Winx Club Love Test game! Ever wondered how it would be like to date the partner of your dreams? Bloom and the other Winx Girls have a spell just for that!

Enter the Wonderworld of Magix and seek the chosen one! The Red Fountain School for Specialists is known for training the bravest boys of the world into mighty, trustworthy warriors of Magix. There are plenty to choose from!

Wanna bring someone from your dimension into the Magical World? Go ahead! To find out which one of your friends is The One, simply do the Love Test. It's just as easy as it sounds!

Enter your details in the spell, and let magic do its work! Don't forget to check out your very own couple song at the end! Blast it out so everybody can hear it!

How to Play

Your paths may have crossed many times in the past, both of you unknowingly of each other. However, now it's time to find your true love! And the Winx girls are here to guide you every step of the way, in this journey of finding your heart's true desires. To begin, simply enter your name and your partner's name in the Winx Club Love Test!

Now press the heart-shaped button to see just how compatible the both of you are. Try and see who might be your best match: one of your Earthly friends or a handsome warrior form The Red Fountain?

Once you find your match, go ahead and invite your own magical squad to do the test as well. You wouldn't want the girls to miss out on such an opportunity, would you?

You should also know...

Don't forget to get information from Winx couples too! Flora and Helia, Bloom and her arrogant-sweet Sky or Musa and her beloved Riven, they are all there to help you!

The secret of any successful relationship is communication and sacrifice. Remember that! At the bottom of the screen, you'll also have listed your lucky day and lucky color, as a couple.

Now, don't you two make a cute couple? I'm so happy for you! Go ahead and find a match for all of your friends!