Winx Club: Magical Adventure

Fight off the nasty witch in the Magical Adventure game. Solidify the clouds and jump on them to stay in the air. Watch out for the spells thrown at you!

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The time has come for you to save the day in the Magical Adventure game. Trinx is here to cause some troubles and ruin the day. Your job here is to try to stop her evil plans once and for all. You mustn't let the rude witch win!

Your trusty horse is here to help you in your pursuit. You have to fly high in the sky to find the witch and stop her while there is still time. I hope you are not afraid of heights! You will need to jump on the fluffy clouds and fly above them.

Don't look down!

Take a deep breath, and when you are ready...Jump! The horse knows what she is doing, and you will be fine. Your job here is only to look around for clouds. The blurry shapes around you will turn into white fluffy clouds with just a click!

When you feel like you are losing altitude, click to solidify the clouds. This way, the horse will be able to jump on them, and you'll fly higher. Be careful not to go down too fast, or you will fall onto the ground!

There are some awesome things left out in the sky for you! Look out for the purple pickups! If you collect them, you will gain extra points. But more important than those are the gold pickups. They will transform peg into a pegasus!

Spells are fun!

Having wings when you are jumping on clouds is clearly an excellent advantage. Don't be shy to go out of your way to collect the pickups! Unfortunately, soon enough, things will start to get ugly. 

The wicked witch will kill all the fun. She will do anything in her power to cast charms at you. Impede her magic by clicking on the spells coming towards you. But do that quick! If the magic gets to you, it will be too late.

Defend yourself and cast spells! Watch out for the spell bar that appears on the screen. When the line goes over the yellow part, click to stop it. If you manage to hit it at the right time, you'll cand an invincible spell! Teach that witch to behave!