Magic of Believix

Start playing the Magic of Believix game to help the brave fairies from the Winx Club save their beloved pets! Can you defeat all the enemies?

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Play the Magic of Believix game to help the fairies from the Winx Club accomplish a very important mission! The forces of evil have kidnapped the fairies' beloved furry friends. Now it's up to the girls to prove their bravery and face some of the most dangerous creatures in the Magic Kingdom. Can you give them a helping hand?

You will find yourself on a wild chase through different parts of Magix, a magical planet. Your goal is to prove your sharp reflexes and the ability to think on your feet. Are you ready?

The first step of the game is to select the hero of your adventure. Can you decide between the seven members of the Winx Club? Your options are Bloom, Stella, Layla, Roxy, Tecna, Musa, or Flora. 

Now, get ready to fight! The gameplay is quite easy to get the hang of. Your fairy will fly automatically. You can use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows to navigate the gaming area. Attack your enemies by pressing the Space Bar.

Be careful! Each fairy has a unique magical attack. Give each option a try and pick the option that fits your gameplay better! 

Use your powers wisely!

Your goal at the beginning of each level is to save all the pets and defeat the evil members of the Black Circle, a dangerous group of Fairy Hunters. You will need to move swiftly through each level location and always be on your toes!

Saving pets will grant you 5 valuable points each, as well as a chance to gain a bonus heart for your health bar. However, each pet you accidentally hurt will subtract 10 points from your final score. 

Be careful when you're around vicious enemies! They will try your best to take you down! However, if you manage to defeat them, you will gain 50 points. Sometimes even the pets can be corrupted by the evil forces and turn against you. Take them out to earn an additional ten points!

If you manage to reach the end of the fifth level, you will face one of the most heinous villains from the Blck Circle. Use all your magical resources to defeat him and gain 200 points. Isn't that cool?

Congratulations! You are the savior of Magix, and the pets are safe, thanks to your help!