Do you Believix?

Visit Gardenia and become a fairy in the Winx: Do you Believix? Game! Take Bloom's tour, meet the girls to learn about their skills, and find your talent!

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If you're a fan of the Winx Club fairies, you surely wanted to hang out with them before! Now it's time to give the Winx: Do you Believix game a try and explore Gardenia together! Remember that each girl has a special talent, and you also have to find yours! Will you be able to choose your power along with your friends?

For this adventure, you are the new student at Alfea school. It's time to get accustomed to the surroundings, and of course, to meet the fairies! Take a walk around campus, meet Bloom and the girls, and let them teach you all about their magic. Complete all of the tasks, and you will surely find your true talent!

How to Play

It's time to reveal your hidden talent! To begin a challenge, just use your mouse and Left-click on a girl. Choose between Tecna, Stella, and Flora, and listen to their instructions carefully. Their missions might seem easy, but you need to do a good job to find your power!

First things first, Bloom will welcome you to Alfea. As your guide, you can always return to her for more tips about your progress at the academy. To develop your skills fully, listen to the girl and try to complete all the challenges. When you come back, she might give you even more tasks to try!

Each one of the fairies has her own talent, and you have to give them all a try. Stella will ask you to put together an outfit and take pictures together. Flora will require you to plant some flowers in her garden, while Tecna will teach you all about charging batteries! Will you be able to complete each mission and learn more about the powers?

There's more you should know!

Once you have tried all of the mini-games, it's time to return to Bloom. As you talk to her, the other fairies, such as Musa, Aisha, and Roxy, will appear. They will teach you all about music, potion-making, and caring for fairy pets. Aren't you excited about all your lessons at Gardenia?

The missions include all sorts of tasks, from puzzles to learning how to play the guitar. To find your special talent, you need to play each mini-game many times until you master all the skills. Just listen to the instructions carefully, and keep practicing until you're ready to become a fully-fledged fairy!

Are you ready to hang out with the Winx Club fairies? The girls are all excited to meet you, so try out all their missions and learn everything about Alfea together! This way, you will become a fairy in no time!