Hallowinx's Magic Cauldron

Play the Hallowinx's Magic Cauldron game if you want to step inside Icy's secret laboratory! Can you help Pepe collect all the ingredients for a potion?

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With Hallowinx's Magic Cauldron game, you have the unique chance to explore the inside of Icy's laboratory. Everybody knows that the frightening witch is the leader of the Trix group. Besides, she is also one of the cruelest and sadistic characters of the Winx Club series. For instance, she is working on a terrifying potion as we speak. After she completes it, the witch will be able to cast a new Halloween spell!

Surprisingly, even the witch with an ice-cold heart has an adorable pet at her side. Don't get me wrong, Icy is rarely kind or gentle with her companion! However, Pepe, the silly little duckling, somehow manages to survive his master's anger most of the time. However, now he will need a helping hand from you! Can you assist him as he adds ingredients to Icy's potion?

Fill the cauldron with ingredients!

The gameplay couldn't be easier! Just press the Left and Right Arrows to move Pepe from one side of the room to the other. Your goal is to catch Icy's ingredients, then let them bounce right inside the cauldron filled with a bubbling liquid. You'll be surprised, but it's more complicated than it sounds!

Get ready to catch a wide variety of strange ingredients used in witchcraft. Tattered bat wings, green and slimy brains, creepy cockroaches, and slithering snakes are the main ingredients of the disturbing concoctions that Icy is trying to make. 

Be careful not to drop anything! Each ingredient that touches the floor will cost you one of your precious lives. You start with four, and once they are depleted, the game is over for you.

If your ingredient didn't fly into the cauldron from your first try, don't panic! You receive extra points every time the element bounces off Pepe's head. Therefore, you should keep your cool and try to guide that pesky snake to its destination step by step. I told you it's more difficult than it first seems!