Magix Mayhem

Defend the fairy pets at all costs in the Magix Mayhem game. Keep an eye on the incoming enemies and attack them at the right moment to defeat them!

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About Magix Mayhem Game

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All the fairy animal companions have been trapped in the Magix Mayhem game! Kalshara and Brafilius captured all of them for their evil plan. They have imprisoned all the fluffy pets in the depths of their cave and, and they don't intend to let them go.

Now you can team up with the Winx to make sure that nobody gets hurt. The time has come to leave all fears away and save the day. You must attack all the bad guys and their disciples. The magical fairy power is in your hands.

The aim of this game is simple. All you have to do here is to guide the fairy animal companions through the forest. You must keep them away from harm at all costs. And you can be sure that harm will eventually cross your way.

How to Play

The two evil brothers made sure that their nasty disciples will cause you some troubles. Don't let them get to you! Wait until they get close enough to you and then attack them! Show them how tough fairies can actually be.

You only need to use the arrow keys to attack. Depending on the direction your enemy is approaching, use the corresponding arrow to defend yourself. If you are not comfortable with the keyboard, you can also swipe to kick around.

There is also an awesome superpower the Winx girls have acquired. For each successful consecutive kick, the meter above your hear will start to fill up. Enough of these kicks will enable you to launch a very powerful attack! Your enemies will stand no chance to that.

But remember! This is a hand to hand combat! You must make sure that the opponent is close enough. Otherwise, the attack will be ineffective. Wait until they get near enough and only then react. Do it too soon, and you will lose all the points from the meter bar!