Run Through the Woods

Take part in a thrilling race with the Cerise Hood: Run Through the Woods game! Save your lost friends from Ever After High and help them find the path!

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With the Cerise Hood: Run Through the Woods game, you can experience one of the most thrilling chases in your life! This brave heroine of Ever After High knows her way around the deep and dark forest.

However, her friends Ashlynn, Cupid, Poppy, and Blondie, ar not so experienced when it comes to finding their way through the woods without getting lost.  As a result, as they were walking to the Blue Moon Forest Festival, they have lost their way! 

Who is going to save them if not Cerise Hood? This courageous heroine needs to explore every corner of the deep, dark forest, find her friends, and get to the Blue Moon Festival in time!

What is more, the evil and dangerous witch Faybelle is following you! Can you escape her evil powers?

Start running!

The game consists of ten exciting levels. The high-speed chases will undoubtedly leave you breathless! Move on to the next challenge by surviving the previous level. You only have three lives, so watch out for Faybelle's traps and other obstacles! 

Let's get started! You can control Cerise by using the Arrow keys on your keyboard. The track for our heroine's wild run consists of three lanes. Swerve by using the Left and Right  Arrows. Is there something in your way? No problem! Just use the Up Arrow to jump over it, or slide under it by pressing the Down Arrow. Easy as pie, right?

Take advantage of every bonus!

Don't forget that you are not exploring an ordinary forest! Magic lurks behind every tree trunk and rock. Pay close attention to Faybelle's terrifying traps! Her goons will hurt you if they manage to catch you, so try your best to avoid them. 

However, not all magic is bad! Make sure you pick up all the enchanted bonuses you encounter in your path! The pink one will grant you an extra life, while the purple one will make you temporarily invincible.

Pick up the red glowing icon if you're looking for a boost in speed. Want to reach the high score list? Then pick up the blue symbols to gather more points at once. 

Wait, there's one more secret to discover!  Have you noticed the signs that point towards the Enchanted Forest? Don't hesitate to follow them whenever you get the chance! You will be transported to a magical realm, where you can forget about avoiding obstacles and focus on collecting points for a while. Isn't that awesome?

At the end of each level, you will receive a star rating based on your performance. The more glowing orbs you gather along the way, the higher your score will be. Gather at least half of them to receive all three golden stars! Can you complete all ten challenges and rescue your friends? It'll be a blast to go to the Blue Moon Forest Festival together!