What are the most popular Polly Pocket Games?

  1. Polly Party Pickup
  2. Polly's Rockstar Makeover
  3. Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon
  4. Polly's Beautiful Bedroom
  5. Polly's Drive 'n Style
  6. Polly's Wacky Wardrobe
  7. Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt
  8. Hasty Cakes
  9. Flower Surprises
  10. Best Vacation Adventure Ever

What are the best Polly Pocket Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Polly's Rockstar Makeover
  2. Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon
  3. Polly's Beautiful Bedroom
  4. Polly's Drive 'n Style
  5. Polly's Wacky Wardrobe

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The fun-filled Polly Pocket Universe

Meet the world's most upbeat and bubbly teenager in the Polly Pocket Games! Polly Pocket is an animated television series produced for Family Channel by Mattel. The series is based on the wildly popular doll with the same name. The name originates from a very unique feature: they come in pocket-size cases. There have been many adaptations of this concept, the last one airing its first episode in July 2018. The show features Polly, a young girl with big dreams and plenty of friends. Naturally, she goes through different adventures and learns plenty of life lessons throughout the series. Are you ready to come along for the ride?

The Polly Pocket universe is filled with many opportunities to have fun. Polly and her friends have many interests and are extremely socially active. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for a new chance to have a blast together and learn more about friendship. Join Shani, Lea, Todd, and the others and tag along for their exciting meetups! For instance, you get to follow the group to an amusement park. Unfortunately, they have lost their tickets in the hotel, and they need your help to find them. Give them a helping hand in the Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt game! Make sure you don't miss out on any adventures by trying all the games from the Polly Pocket Games category!

Meet Polly - the world's most bubbly teenager!

Polly Pocket is the title character of the series. This eleven-year-old has bright skin, long blonde hair, and light blue eyes. Like any girl her age, Polly certainly has a passion for fashion and loves to express herself by trying different styles. However, she never strays from her fun-and-cool clothing and likes to wear pink and purple.

Polly is undoubtedly a girl like no other! She has many hobbies that she loves to practice regularly, alone or with her friends. They include singing, shopping, and even snowboarding or water-skiing! However, the one thing she loves most is planning different events with her friends. For example, you can join her in the Polly Party Pickup game. Help Polly organize her own birthday party and enjoy the fun afterward!

Polly's optimism and kindness help her befriend even the grumpiest characters! Everybody appreciates her confidence, resourcefulness, and loyalty. You are offered the opportunity to meet them and go on exciting adventures together while exploring the Polly Pocket Games.

What is more, not all of Polly's friends are human! This energetic teenager is very warmhearted and enjoys the company of her animal friends as much as she loves hanging out with the rest of her pals. Polly has a cute pet puppy that causes a lot of mischiefs sometimes. However, she gets along with all kinds of animals and loves learning more about them and even lending a helping hand if she can. You can meet Polly's four-legged friends in the Polly Pocket Pet Pals game.

The value of friendship in the Polly Pocket World

As you very well know by now, Polly has plenty of friends of all sizes, shapes and even species! This bubbly blonde loves nothing more than organizing fun activities with them. However, make no mistake, she doesn't only do it for fun! If you spend enough time with Polly, you will find that every adventure hides a useful life lesson. Make sure you don't miss a beat with Polly, Shani, and Lea!

Every group needs the voice of reason, and Shani is just that. This curly-haired, dark-skinned beauty is very unique and has a cool, urban fashion style. However, her most beloved hobby is not style, but inventions! Shani never misses an opportunity to show off her technical genius and creativity. She enjoys playing with different gadgets to understand how they work so a new MP3 player or tablet would be the best gift for her! Polly appreciates her for acting as the peacekeeper of the group and being extremely intelligent!

Who's that tan beauty with freckles, orange hair, and light green eyes? Well, it must be Lea, Polly's athletic and fun-loving friend. Even if she has a very girly style, this young girl is a real sports addict! From skiing to soccer, or even roller skating, there is no event that Lea wouldn't sign up for! Join her, Polly and Shani in an exciting, friendly race by playing the Balloon Burst Races game. It's up to you to find out who is the best athlete of the Polly Pocket universe!

You will surely have a blast with Polly Pocket and her diverse and unique friend circle. There is always a new lesson to learn and a new thrilling adventure to experience! Join in on the fun by playing the Polly Pocket Games!

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