Polly's Drive 'n Style

Help Polly and her friends, Shani and Lila, get ready on the go with Polly's Drive 'n Style game! Put your style and speed to the test!

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Can you help Polly, Lila, and Shani get ready on the go with Polly's Drive 'n Style game? We all know that girls can sometimes run late. This is the case with everyone's favorite bubbly blonde and her friends. They need to get to their favorite amusement, Polly World, and they need to be there fast! This is certainly a task for the Limo-Scene!

However, their only option is to put together their outfits on the road. Can you help them look stylish, and can you do it quickly? It's only up to you to save the day and make sure the girls look perfect for a day at the park. Don't forget that the paparazzi are inevitably going to be there! Help the girls be ready for the perfect snapshot!

A bumpy, yet stylish ride!

The first step is to pick which friend you want to dress up first. This might turn out to be harder than it looks! Each girl has a unique style, therefore dressing them will surely be a challenge! Lila is the fashionista of the group, so pleasing her will be very challenging. Even if she might be the nerd of the group, Shani has an urban clothing style that she loves to show off. Finally, you can pick Polly, the main character. Can you find something to fit her bubbly and fun personality?

Now, it's time to drive! Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to change lanes and collect different items for your outfit. They are all scattered about on the road, and it's your job to pick them up! 

On the upper corner of the screen, you will see the girl that you need to dress. As you collect new items, they will show up on your model. As a result, you can see the outfit and figure out what elements are still missing. Remember to be quick! Right next to your character, you can check the time. Make sure you complete the perfect look before it runs out!

Show off the perfect outfit!

The game allows you to choose a top and bottom for your friend from the Polly Pocket Universe. Moreover, you can pick out some stylish shoes and even a cool hairstyle to compliment your look. When you see something you like, make sure to pick it up, as it might not show up later in the game! Also, remember that each character has a different set of options available. Make sure you try out all of them to experience their unique styles! 

You are finally at your destination! Time to get dressed! Luckily, the Limo-Scene turns into a dressing room. This way, the girls can be ready to shine at any time! Surprise! You can even print out the final result by clicking on the button at the right corner of the screen. The picture looks just like the cover of a fashion magazine!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this thrilling ride in Polly's Limo-Scene. Make sure to try out different styling options by replaying the game. Explore the world of Polly Pocket and help her and her friends become the most stylish girls in town!