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About Best Luau Ever! Game

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Get your surfing gear ready and prepare for the Best Luau Ever Game! Aloha! Our dear Polly Pocket came up with a totally tropical idea. She's organizing a Luau! Don't know what a Luau is? Well, it's a huge, quite popular Hawaiian party. We'll have lots of yummy foods, awesome music, and all kinds of sweet decorations.

Luau means a lot to Polly since her roots are halfway in the Hawaiian nourishing soil. Her mother was born in those exotic Islands! She is determined to make it the best one so far, but she can't do it all on her own. Wanna join? Perfect!

Your job is to walk around the Island and help Polly prepare the party. There are lots of things to be done before the party starts, and the sun has almost set. We need to hurry! Planning ahead is what makes an ordinary party extraordinary, so Polly has already delegated some tasks for you to do.

You'll need to put your concentration and focus skills to the test for these ones. Do you think you've got what it takes to organize a Luau? Let's find out!

Let's start with the decorations!

Hawaiian people have always found inspiration in the nature surrounding them. They have integrated it into their daily lives, and Luau makes no exception. For this festive evening, we need to come up with some decorations using only what the Island is offering to share. Polly's got an idea! What about Leys? Leys are strings of flowers that you can wear around your neck as a choker. In this way, all our guests will feel the festive spirit!

Those flowers by the pool would make wonderful leys. Would you mind helping Polly to get them? Leap onto the swimming gear left floating in the pool to get there faster. Use your mouse and click on the item you want Polly to jump to.

Mind the timing, dear, for those arm floaties and inflatables are slowly moving with the pool's waves. Make sure Polly doesn't fall into the water. She has no time for a swim! If you reach the other end without getting wet, you'll get a totally cool badge that will bring points to your score! You're doing great! We'll be there in no time!

Prepare Hawai's traditional beverages!

That was awesome! Look at all these beautiful lays! Now everybody's going to have the Luau look! Next, we'll need some refreshing drinks. What fits a Luau party better than a Tropical Fruits Burst? How to make a Tropical Burst, you wonder? By smashing fruits, you silly! Good thing you've got a strong arm! Let's go fruit hunting on the Island!

The fruits are all mixed up on the top side of the screen. Choose a fruit on the lower row that matches the one in Polly's hands. Click on the row to throw. If you hit the match, the fruits will burst. Keep tossing until the pitcher is full. Wow! That's a lot of juice! Everyone is going to have their very own Tropical Burst punch!

Add a final touch to the decor

Now all our guests will be adequately dressed and have lots of refreshing drinks! I can feel the tropical breeze already! It's getting late, the sun will set in a minute, and the party is about to start. We're still missing something…. I know! Tiki torches to light up the night! Fireflies will make for some perfect Tiki torches. I bet you and Polly can catch them all with a little help from Polly's trampoline!

When she jumps, use the mouse to guide her trough and catch the fireflies that pop up in your way. To earn an extra badge, make sure to break these super star-shaped formations that fireflies gather into. Keep collecting them until all of the Tiki lanterns are fully lit. Ready? Let's go!

Great job! These Tikies will keep the Luau going all night long. Thanks to you, everyone is having the best time ever!

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