Tree House Scavenger Hunt

Hop on an Air-Balloon ride in the Tree House Scavenger Hunt Game! Gather everything you need from the treehouse and make sure Polly's picnic ends well!

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Polly is going on a Hot-air Ballon Picnic in the Tree House Scavenger Hunt Game! For a picnic to be a success, it needs careful planning ahead. We need everything, such as a picnic basket, or a cooler for our drinks. Unfortunately, Polly’s treehouse is so huge that searching it all on her own will be a seriously difficult task. Would you care to land a hand?

Explore the different areas of the treehouse and unlock all the items on Polly’s list. Be careful! Some might be very well hidden, while others might be tucked away by Polly’s tricksy animals. In this game, not everything is what it seems. Interact with the objects and animals and see what happens!

Prepare the picnic!

Where should we start? Click on a room to begin the quest. Each place has a particular item hidden within his tree branches. When traveling to a specific area, Polly’s pets will be there to welcome you upon arrival and help. Or are they there to misguide you? You can never know for sure. Click on them, as well as their environment, and see how the story unfolds. 

It looks like you weren’t paying enough attention! Before you go to your next stop, you will need the zip line rope to glide to your destination. While you were focusing on finding the picnic basket, the cats played with the shiny, tangling string. Now, where exactly did they hide it? It’s your job to find out! Should you get stuck, Polly is sure to give you a hint about where you should begin with.

Just a few more tree houses to visit! Where do you want to go next? Once you fuel your picnic basket with all that is necessary, it’s time to shout out for the Balloon.

Best day ever! Polly is so grateful for your help. Hop on and let’s ride!