Kooky Kitchen

Help Polly clean the kitchen before the time runs out in the Kooky Kitchen Game. Click on the items that are not belonging here to make them disappear!

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Can you help Polly Pocket clean the kitchen in the Kooky Kitchen Game? Look at all this mess that the guests left behind! Polly’s birthday secret party was a great success. Still, it will not be so secret once her parents get home and see the disastrous aftermath. No more fun sleepovers and fancy clothes for Polly afterward… We’ve got to do something to help her!

Can you help Polly find all the things that are out of order? Everything is not where it’s supposed to be, and things that are supposed to be in a specific place are missing. It’s a disaster! Polly’s parents are to arrive in less than half an hour, so the clock is ticking against you.

Will you prove your friendship and work with Polly as a team to tidy the place up, or will you just stand by and watch her struggle on her own? It’s your choice!

Find the unfamiliar items!

The game is pretty straightforward; you will only need the mouse to play. Should a particular item stand out from the crowd in a peculiar way, click on it. If it’s not meant to belong in the kitchen, Polly will take it to another room and find it’s place. Open all the cupboards to see what’s inside. Nothing shall escape your eagle eyes, no sir!

Is it normal for a duck to swim in your kitchen sink? I think not! Or for a beach ball to stay in the freezer? Isn’t it too cool for her? Not the temperature she’s accustomed to, surely… Click on them to clear them off.

Keep looking! We might find some other strange things lying around, like a dirty pair of running shoes or … is that a fork in the flower vase? Someone must have pulled a joke on us last night, thinking that he’s funny. Let’s get rid of it straight away!

Now that we’ve got more space let’s work on that monkey that’s running loose on Polly’s celling. Looks like those high cupboards have proven to be useful after all … We’ve all heard about one’s ‘skeletons in the closet’, but an entire lively elephant? That is beyond any imagination! Let’s get those exotic animals out and find them a proper home. Before anyone finds out, we’ve been hiding them.

Congratulations, the kitchen is clean! We couldn’t have done it without you!