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About Soccer Game Game

Practice your football skills with Polly Pocket in the Soccer Game! Summer has come, and all of Pollyville's citizens are outdoors, enjoying the warm rays of sunlight and the sweet, fresh air. Polly has always been a huge fan of open-air sports, so she decided to start a Sport's Club for the whole City to enjoy. Today is the soccer team's time to practice. Wanna join?

Practice effective gate shooting and penalty kicks with the girls. Focus on the gate and use your eagle eyes and coordination to perfectly time your shot. You know that practice makes it perfect, so don't give up so easily! Regular outdoor activities also have the benefit of strengthening your muscles and general health, so the more soccer you play, the fitter you will be! Still, I am sure you will do fantastic. Go get them!

How to play the game

Let's warm-up before the game. Pick a 'goalie' to play as the other team's goalkeeper. Who will it be? Rick, Lila, Steven, Shani, or Lea? You need to get past the goalkeeper's maneuvers, as she or he will do whatever it takes to defend the gate!

To hit, click on the net in the area where you want your ball to go. You should be able to strike at least three goals out of five chances to win a match. Seize the moment when she's not focused and score a point for your team with a right or left deceiving shot. You got this! Only four more to go!

At the beginning of each round, you get the chance to set the difficulty of the game. Easy is for warming up. In the Medium mode, the goalkeeper will move much faster, so make sure to estimate your time well. Hard mode is only for the pros. Not only that the goalie moves faster, but it also changes direction, according to where you hit the ball. Good luck beating this one!

Try to hit as far as possible from the goalkeeper's position! Also, keep an eye on her all the time. You should do fine after a few tries.

Wow! You have really outdone yourself! Keep on the excellent work, and you'll go pro in no time!

Game Details and Stats

Soccer Game is an excellent Polly Pocket game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It was added to our website on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The game has been played 5045 times. So far, it has received a rating of 90 / 100 from a total of 89 user votes, 80 likes and 9 dislikes. You can play Soccer Game without the Flash Player Plugin. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, with a width of 860px and a height of 530px. If you enjoy playing Soccer Game, you might be excited to find out that there are 31 more Polly Pocket games you can try! The most popular is Polly Party Pickup, and the most recently added is Picture Game