Polly Party Pickup

Help Polly organize her birthday party with the Polly Party Pickup game! Be quick and make sure everyone gets to the mall on time and has a blast!

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About Polly Party Pickup Game

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Prove you are a quick and skilled driver with the Polly Party Pickup game! Your friend, Polly, is a bright and cheerful teenager. She is active, energetic and loves helping people. Naturally, she has a lot of friends that she enjoys spending time with. Will they all be able to make it to her birthday party on time? It's only up to you to drive them to the mall! Make sure you are as quick as you can! Each of the members of your group is responsible for a particular object. There is no way of organizing a successful party without all of them. Be quick and make sure to get them all on time!

The gameplay is straightforward. You can move Polly's bubblegum pink vehicle by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You will navigate the streets of Pollyville. The arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen indicates the correct direction. Make sure you follow it closely! 

How to Play

At the top section of the screen, you can keep an eye on the time. The stopwatch is in the middle, while on the left and right you can see the current score and high score. The faster you drive around the city and the more bonuses you collect, the more points you will accumulate. Try your best and become the new leader of the scoreboard!

The aim of this game is to pick up your four friends, Lila, Shani, Todd, and Lea. You need to be very careful, as there are some roadblocks ahead. At street corners or cross-roads throughout the city, you might encounter various obstacles. Make sure you avoid mud or oil spills! They will slow you down and make you lose precious points!

Along the way, you will also come across various bonus features. They will make your ride faster, or at least more enjoyable. So put on your favorite music and put your speed to the test! Your friends are counting on you!

Useful tips

Enjoy a thrilling race to the town as you run between the addresses of your four friends. Don't forget that you need to pick up each one of them and have them follow you to the mall. Lia is your best friend. Even if she can be quite shy, she has an eye for fashion. You can see why she picked up all the decorations, including the balloons. Shami is the sporty member of the group. Surely, she will be able to carry all the birthday presents. Todd is the most fun-loving boy Polly knows. Be quick to drive him back to the mall, because he is bringing the party games! Lea, the animal lover, must take care of the cake and ice-cream. Unless you drive quickly, it will melt!

This exciting game will surely put your speed and agility to the test! If you are fast enough, you will receive a high score. Immortalize the moment by clicking the 'Print a poster' button on the end screen. As always, make sure you have a blast!