Parachutes Away

Skydive with Polly Pocket in the Parachutes Away Game! Learn the basics, train yourself until you feel ready, and be the first to finish the competition!

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It’s time for a little sky adventure in the Parachutes Away Game. One thing that few know about Polly Pocket is that she loooooves extreme sports. You can see Polly on weekends working on her midair maneuvers along with the girls. What do you say, shall we try a little skydiving competition? Or are you too scared of the free fall?

Use your skills to reach land safely. Dive into the open air, calculate your speed and position, collect as many power-ups as possible while falling, and make a perfect landing down on Earth.

You should be careful, though; the sky can be quite a scary place for beginners, with massive thunder clouds and fledgling birds jumping out of nowhere. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to rise up to the challenge?

Control your free fall and earn points

The game is quite straightforward; you will only need the mouse to play. First, let’s choose our team. Who will it be? Polly, Lea, or Lila? Each one of them is a skilled, experienced skydiver that is eager to make the next jump! They will guide you through your first steps, showing you how to maneuver the parachute, how to avoid hot air currents, and how to land safely on the ground.

Now it’s time to learn the basics. First, we need to do a correct launch from the airplane. Hold your mouse and click the button when the bar hits green. The better the timing, the bigger the launching bonus!

Once you’re in midair, move your mouse to drift left and right. Clouds come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come with extra points! Power-ups clouds are marked with a distinct sign. You should definitely try to pop into those!

Tips and Tricks

It takes a little physics to know how to fly in style … Be aware of the nature of air currents you encounter in your way. Cool-aired downdrafts speed up your way to the bottom, while hot-aired currents like updrafts will slow you down by lifting and suspending you into midair.

On the same note, knocking into flying birds will also affect your speed, so keep an eye on them. You never know where they will appear.

Lastly, but not least, pop up balloons in your way for bonus points or follow the ballon trace right before reaching the ground for landing points. Try to be the first to reach Earth and get a high score.

Should you not be satisfied with your ranking position, you can always try again! I’m sure Polly wouldn’t mind giving you another chance to prove yourself!

Congratulations! Your progress is already showing off. Keep on the excellent work!