Band Buddies

Sing along Pa-la-la-la-Polly with Polly and her band in the Band Buddies game! 🎶 See the band practice and perform this catchy song together.

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About Band Buddies Game

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Imagine being part of a super cool band with Polly Pocket and her friends! In the Band Buddies game, you get to experience the excitement of music and friendship. This game is all about making sweet tunes with a fun group of characters, each with their own special instrument.

You can listen to each band member as they practice their instrument and then bring them all together for an awesome band performance. Get ready to tap your feet and sing along to their catchy song, "Pa-la-la-la-Polly!"

How to Play

To play, all you need is your mouse. Move it over each band member to hear them play their instrument. It's like being a music conductor! You can listen to each one practice and see how cool they sound on their own.

When you're ready to hear the whole band play together, just click the Play button. You'll see Polly and her friends come alive as they perform "Pa-la-la-la-Polly!" And if you want to sing along, the lyrics are right here for you:


Playing in my band is so much fun, it's true.
With my friends beside me, there's nothing we can't do!

If you wanna have some fun, jump in and sing along!
Now that you're our friend, it's everybody's song!


It's a chance to be part of the band and enjoy the music.

This game is all about fun, music, and being part of a team. Get ready to show your musical side and enjoy some catchy tunes with Polly and her friends. Start your musical adventure now and see how great you can make the band sound!