Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon

Become the most fashionable hair stylist in Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon game! Choose the best color and cut for your bubbly best friend, Polly!

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Join your fun and energetic friend, Polly, on an exciting day of girly fun with Polly’s Hair Stylin’ Salon! Everybody knows how enjoyable a day at the hair salon can be. Nothing relaxes a girl more than sitting back and getting pampered. Moreover, everyone enjoys a change every once in a while, even Polly. You get to decide what her new do is going to be! Will you change her style radically or subtly upgrade her already gorgeous blonde locks? It's time to find out!

Plenty of choices for a new look

The gameplay requires you to pick out one of the different options available from the three categories. You can do so by clicking on the item that you like best. Take a good look around the room and make sure you are happy with your choice before showing Polly the final result.

The first category consists of different haircuts that you can choose from. Polly's signature hairstyle is a high ponytail that shows off her long blonde hair. However, maybe it's time for a change! Go for something cute and adorable, such as the two pigtails or a short and sweet bob.     You can even go for something more daring, such as the long straight hair with the bold bangs!

Next, it's time to choose a color that will compliment Polly's new 'do. You can go for the classic sunny blonde that characterizes our friend from the Polly Universe. Too boring for you? You can always go for ginger or even bright red hair! Pink, purple or blue are your favorite colors? See how they suit Polly! Maybe the most daring choice would be going for something radical, like the jet black hair. Will it look good on our bubbly friend? Only time will tell!

Fun accessories will complete the look

Choose a stylish hair accessory to complement your style. Do you want to give a girly, hippie vibe to the whole look? Choose the fresh, beautiful pink flowers. Do you want your big heart to be on show for everyone else? Choose the huge heart-shaped red hair clip. You can also choose the glamorous butterfly hairclip for an extra touch of sparkle and style! Don't forget that you can also put on some funky glasses if you want to go for a more casual and cool attitude. 

Finally, it's time to show Polly the product of your hard work! Are you a talented hair stylist or do you still need to practice some more? Only your friend's reaction will answer this question. However, let me tell you a secret: Polly is going to appreciate your creative eye!

The creative possibilities are endless

Click 'Play again' to try out a brand new look. You can also check on the instructions at any time by clicking on the scissors right next to the 'Help' button. 

Don't forget that there is always room for the unexpected. Do you want to see something awesome and be surprised in a delightful way? Click on the 'Surprise' button. You can see some truly remarkable hairstyles, such as a fruit basket complete with a jungle and even a monkey! Surely, you will be in for a lot of fun! What girl doesn’t dream of becoming a celebrity hairstylist?