Pet Rescue

Help Polly care for all these wounded animals in the Pet Rescue Game. Use your mouse to guide the Hospital's emergency team and get the pets home safely!

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It's time for some adrenaline-filled action with Polly Pocket in the Pet Rescue Game. Pollyville is known for its friendliness towards pets and animal lovers. But the city's surroundings can be awful, terrifying places, especially for the abandoned furry souls. Without people to watch over and give them some leftovers from time to time, they get lost while searching for food or even worse, injured!

That's the reason why Polly has signed up as a full-time volunteer at the local Animal Hospital. Your job will be to assist her as she drives trough mountainous regions or stormy weather to rescue those poor, unfortunate souls. They will receive their much-needed medication and treatment upon arrival at the Hospital.

Help her drive the Emergency Helicopter to those remote areas, collect the suffering animals, and you will win the whole town's gratitude!

Use the air flows to guide your helicopter!

And off we go on our first mission! Hold the mouse to make hot air go beneath the helicopter and raise it upwards. You can make it go forward or backward by moving the mouse cursor in that direction. To descend to lower altitudes, just let go of the grip. Be careful, though, not to touch the ground. Landing anywhere else, but the Hospital Heliport will force you to start over the mission.

In your way, you will come across many obstacles that can keep you from reaching your destination. Old trees, skyscrapers, and steep mountain edges are just some examples. A storm is coming, so be aware of the clouds! They will only push you down. Use your skills and determination to get past them!

Get all the pets home safe!

When reaching the pet's hiding spot, a basket will automatically be lowered for the little one to jump into. In particular missions, you will need to interact with the environment to get the pup in a more convenient spot. You might have to bring down a column or break a barrier with some rocks to do so.

If you want to pause the game, the button is on the top right corner. Since the menu is not in English, I'll give you a quick tour. To choose a different level, and return to the main menu, click on the first option. Should you want to see the instructions on how to drive the helicopter again, choose the second option. To restart the mission you are currently on, click on the third option.

You also have a time limit on every mission. You need to complete it in one minute and a half or less. To add bonus points to your score, try collecting all the stars that pop up in your way.

Do you think you can obtain a five-star rating at all of the twelve missions? Let's find out!