Crazy Candy Carnival

Give Polly Pocket a hand with the Crazy Candy Carnival game! Run her amusement park successfully and make sure all of her friends have a blast!

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Help your dear friend Polly Pocket run her new business in the Crazy Candy Carnival game! Have you heard about the new attraction in Pollyville? Of course, I am talking about the amusement park the inventive Polly has just opened! The place surely is colorful and looks like a lot of fun.

However, with so many guests, Polly needs your assistance to guide everybody towards the attractions. Do you think you can manage and help her grow her business from the ground up?

The atmosphere of this game is incredibly similar to that of a real-life amusement part. You can hear the lively conversation, the excited giggles, and even some frightening screaming from the roller coaster! Isn't that neat? Make sure you take in all the excitement and pass it down to all your visitors. It's the only way to keep them happy and coming back for more!

How to run an amusement park

Your mission is to get every single guest that walks into the park to their desired attraction. As they go through the entrance gates, a balloon will pop up above their heads. It will indicate what they'd like to visit in the park.

To guide the guests towards their destination, click on them, then click on their desired event. Wait for them to finish the ride, then see if they want to visit another location or are ready to go home. 

The better you tend to your guests, the more satisfied they will be with the park. As a result, the emoticon above their head will change to fit their mood. Therefore, you should make sure that everybody has a green smiling face above their head!

Time is of the essence! 

Another thing to keep in mind is the time! The primary objective of your mission is to make sure everybody goes on their desired rides before the day is over. You can check on how much time you have left by glancing at the sky and checking out the sun's position. There is also a progress bar to show you how far you've come so far. Pretty helpful, isn't it?

If you have managed to keep all the guests happy throughout the entire day, then congratulations! You are a great amusement park manager and excellent help for your inventive pal, Polly Pocket. However, things are about to get more complicated! 

Go big with Polly Pocket, or go home!

As a reward for completing a level, you get the chance to upgrade your park with new attractions. As an alternative, you can also update your existing rides or kiosks to fit more people. This way, you can serve more guests at the same time. A great way to keep your guests satisfied, don't you agree? 

Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to expand your business further and add new attractions to please all your friends from Pollyville. For example, you can take care of their sweet tooth by placing a cotton candy shop right by the wheel. Similarly, you can add a bumper car ride for adrenaline lovers. What is more, you will surely entice all tech enthusiasts with a brand new arcade! 

You have many options available to assist Polly in running her business!  You can upgrade existing attractions, bring on new ones, and help your visitors make the best out of them! Just make sure you don't forget about the most important part: have a blast with your friends from Pollyville on this sunny summer day!