Pet Adoption Party Time

Help Polly Pocket get each furry friend ready in the Pet Adoption Party Time Game! Complete all the tasks and make sure the pets are looking their best!

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Let's make sure each furry friend gets a warm, cozy home in the Pet Adoption Party Time Game! It's one of the best days ever for Polly's four-legged companions at the Pet Shop. They're all getting adopted! Polly decided to organize a totally cool adoption party at 3 O' Clock. Still, she needs to get the pets ready by then! What do you say, shall we give her a hand?

So much to do, so little time! Polly is already going around the bend with all the workload that needs to be done. Fortunately, you showed up just in time! We need to make sure the pets are looking their best when the future owners arrive!

There are five pets to be taken care of, which demands all sorts of tasks, from combing and feeding to learning complicated tricks. Are you in for the challenge?

Brush, Wash, Dress, and Play!

You will only need the mouse to perform all the tasks in this game. We start off by remembering the basics.

Each pet has been taught a different trick during their stay at Pollyville's Pet Shop. Cute little tricks are a sure path to someone's heart, so they increase the pet's chance of being adopted! Before they go to their new home, we need to make sure they remember them. To rehearse the tricks, click the dots that appear on the screen in the right order. You got it… One dot left… Super fun! You can tick this pet off! One down and four more to go!

The second task down the line is cleaning. The fish tank looks really dirty! Not only that it will surely keep visitors away from the disgusting muddy stains, but it's not very healthy for the aquatic creatures either. Let's give it a good, strong wipe! Move the cloth using your mouse to clean the glass. Use the cleaner for some extra stain-removing foam. Bubbletastic! Fish are so much fun when you can actually see them. Keep going! We need to finish ALL the pets before the party starts!

Next furry friend, here we come! Polly knows animals must always be well-fed and kept on a diet specifically made for their needs. Their routine must not be changed, even if it's a party! Therefore, your task will be to feed the little ones. Can you guess this pet's favorite food? Come on, it's not that hard! Click on the containers to pick one up. Awesome! You got it! Keep clicking the bin until the dish is full and deliver it afterward.

Make sure all the pets are happy!

Let's help furry friend number four! It's brushing time. If not for the girls to look after the place, the Pet Store would be a furry mess, full of hair chunks and scattered kitten litter. Those long furred animals need special attention when it comes to personal care. Help the girls comb the tangles in the kitten's fur. Move the brush with your mouse to clean her. You did it! She looks purrrfect.

Oh-oh! The party is going to start soon! Let's hurry to finish your last pet! All the pets must look ravishing for their festive day. After all, our looks describe our personalities, don't they? Choose what this pet will wear for the occasion. Will it be a sparkly, cute headband? Or a fancy, classic hat? What about a colorful bowtie? Click on the fashion item you want and drag it on the pet.

Is everything done? Just one more thing before the adoption party starts. Polly wants YOU to stamp the adoption certificates. All of our furry friends are now officially adopted! We should do this again real soon!