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Help Polly decorate beautiful scenes featuring her pets in the Polly Pocket Pet Pals game! Are you ready to be creative and have a blast?

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Create beautiful designs with the Polly Pocket Pet Pals game! As you very well know, Polly Pocket is a bubbly teenager who loves her friends. However, not all of her beloved pals are human! She has plenty of animal buddies who are always glad to meet Polly! From dogs to cats and even more exotic species, our blonde teenager gets to spend time with them! What is more, she has organized three different events to have fun with her friends. Join her and create beautiful scenes that you can even print out later!

Be creative and design a unique scene!

The gameplay is straightforward. All you need to do is click and drag the stickers from the sides of the screen. Place them wherever you like in the given scene. Click again to make them stick. To move an item you need to click on the desired character or object, and then click again to place it in the desired position. If you wish to delete a particular element, click on it and drag it to the trash can. 

Once you are happy with your design, you can even print it! To do so, click on the appropriate button in the left bottom corner. You can also create another design by clicking on the 'Play again' button. If you ever get stuck, click 'Help' to be reminded of the instructions.

Three different scenarios with Polly and her friends

The first scene is called 'Paws Park'. Have you ever wanted to create your very own dog park scenery? Now you can do so! Place as many dogs as you want, in different places around the park. Make sure you place trees and toys for the dogs to have fun with! What is more, you can even decorate a pond! Put some ducks in the water if you wish, and then place Polly and her picnic blanket next to the pond. How fun!

The second scene is a lovely barbeque organized in Polly's backyard. It is appropriately named the 'Backyard Bark-b-q'. You can invite as many dogs as you want, and even place dog houses for them to relax in. Make sure you don't forget about the barbeque! What is more, if you are looking for excitement, you can always use the running cat sticker! It will surely bring some action to your dog party.

The Animal Adventure is the final set. Admittedly, this is the event that allows you to showcase your imagination and creativity. You will find that Polly has exotic friends, such as giraffes, flamingos, pandas, and even hippos. Place them wherever you like to create a unique design! You can also place Poly and her balloon in the scene!

This thrilling game will surely help you unwind and put your creativity to good use. Don't forget that you have the option to print your beautiful creation! Show it to your friends or use it to create your very own Polly Pocket adventure.