Polly Pocket Dress Up

Wanna play dress up in the Polly Pocket Dress Up Game? Then prove yourself a true fashionista by helping our dear Polly choose her outfit for tonight!

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Polly Pocket is preparing to hit the stage in the Polly Pocket Dress Up Game. The scene is set to open in a couple of hours, and we are already falling behind schedule. Before she can head up for makeup and hair, Polly needs to decide what to wear. Questions, questions… Would you care to give a hand?

Take a look at Polly's wardrobe and come up with a jaw-dropping outfit that will make even the most respected fashionistas jealous. Sprinkle some accessories and finishing touches, like scarves and sparklers, and you are good to go! Don't forget your stage equipment. Do you think you can prove yourself a true stylist? Let's find out!

How to Play

Time to play dress up! Check out the awesome fashion articles Polly has in her wardrobe! Click on any item to see how it fits her. Play around with dresses, jeans, and jackets. Let your creativity run free and explore the different color schemes, lengths of material, and overlayers that you can come up with.

Don't worry about messing it up. Polly will let you know how she fancies your choices at the end, but I am sure you will do well! Wow! Who knew that skirt goes so well with this jacket? Awesome job!

Accessories! Nothing adds elegance and grace to an outfit like a beautiful piece of jewelry. The show will be held in the open air, so a cute fuzzy pair of hand warmers will come in handy.

Try on some super cool sneakers or go for an expensive pair of high-heels, should you have the courage! If you feel like you added too much, or simply not like the outcome, click the 'Start Over' button to clear everything up.

Polly feels like wearing a scarf tonight… Do you see any you like? Check out the cool microphone Polly has received from her friends! That will totally bring a plus to your composition. 

Now that all is set and done let's wrap it up and let Polly go on with her makeover. Great job!