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Help Polly Pocket to photograph all these wild animals in the Polly Picture Game. Make sure your timing is right and capture as many shots as possible!

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Let's go animal hunting in the Polly Picture Game! Our beloved pets and wild animals of Pollyville have broken loose from their homes. Either we're talking about some wealthy pet lover's apartment or the zoo, the little furry ones have managed to escaped last night. They are now wandering in the city's streets.

The police department is outnumbered and overwhelmed by the situation. If it weren't for the volunteers of Pollyville, all hell would have broken loose on the streets. Our dear Polly Pocket makes no exception from the rule, as she is known to be one of the city's most devoted and hard-working volunteers.

Your task is to go around Pollyvile and help her find all the missing animals. Capture them in a few seconds when they get out of their hiding spots by using your camera and take the photos to the police once you are done. Be careful, as your camera memory is almost full. You won't get a second try at photographing them. Search all six places and earn bonus points and prizes for your excellent work!

Spot the perfect timing!

To focus on a specific item, move your mouse until it's in the camera's field of view. Now click it if you want to take a snap. You'll have to wait for the hiding pets to pop their heads up on the screen.

You can immortalize any pet that you like and print the photo later, but that won't help you complete the level and earn your surprise. To successfully end the chapter, you'll have to snap pics of the spotlight pets, which are shown at the top of the screen!

There are six spotlight pets, and you only have twelve pics left on your camera, so each photo counts! The clock is also ticking against you, so you'll have to quicken the search up a bit.

What else you should know

There are tons of lovely animals for you to discover! From cute, pinky piggies to handsome Huskey puppies and adorable kittens. The most likely place to find them is the Pet Salon, the Boutique shop, or the Labyrinthic Garden.

Still, don't forget to check out the Pool Party or the Country Yard. For each successfully finished level, you'll receive a coloring page that you can print off later.

Go ahead and have fun! The city is surely grateful to you for your help and demanding work!