Balloon Burst Races

Join Polly, Lea, and Shani in an exciting race with the Balloon Burst Races game! Can you earn a high score and receive the gold medal?

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Can you be the best athlete from the Polly Pocket gang in the Balloon Burst Races game? Polly, Shani, and Lea were going to have a picnic on a hot summer afternoon. However, plans have changed! What about organizing a thrilling sporting event featuring your favorite characters from the Polly Pocket universe? Shani, the creative and intelligent inventor, and Lea, the sporty animal lover, are inevitably going to be a fierce competition! Do you think you can be the best? It's only up to you to find out in this sporting adventure. 

The first thing you have to do is, naturally, choose an appropriate outfit. Luckily, Polly has brought some appropriate and stylish clothing. Help the girls dress up! Now that everybody has a fashionable sporting outfit, it’s time to race!

Three different balloon bursting challenges 

The game consists of three different stages. You need to burst balloons on land, air, and water. Make sure you collect all of the balloons, including the ones containing bonuses and the violet Polly balloon. How are you going to pop the balloons in all of these environments? Polly has some surprises in store for you, so hang on tight!

The first challenge that you need to go through is a race on land. You even get to start the race and wave the flag! Put on your rocket roller blades and make sure you are agile and fast. Use the up and down arrows to guide Polly. Make sure she doesn't bump into any obstacles, such as benches or bushes!

The next leg of the race consists of a thrilling zip-line challenge. Slide along the zip line above the treetops and enjoy the breathtaking view.  Go above and below the line by pressing the up and down arrows.  Watch out for toucans and monkeys! Avoid them unless you want to be slowed down!

The final part of the race consists of an exciting water chase! Use Polly's water scooter to collect all the balloons. I surely hope you don't mind getting wet! How many balloons can you burst before the end of the race? The competition is very tight, so make sure you put your best foot forward!

The prize ceremony with Polly and her friends

At the end of the race, it's time to check out the final scores. All you need to do is click on the scoreboard to uncover the final results. See how your friends Lea and Shani did in this exciting challenge! No matter the results, everybody is awarded a gold medal for their effort. You get to hand out the prizes by clicking on them. 

Are you ready for the race of a lifetime? Join Polly Pocket and her friends in this exciting challenge which will plainly put your skills to the test! This fascinating sporting event will surely help you relax and have loads of fun!