Rooftop Terrace

Go crazy decorating in the Rooftop Terrace Game! Help Polly Pocket turn her penthouse terrace into an exotic, exquisite garden before her guests arrive!

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About Rooftop Terrace Game

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Let’s brush up Polly Pocket’s penthouse terrace in the Rooftop Terrace Game! Lila’s birthday is just around the corner, and the girls are keen on organizing a surprise party for her! Polly’s large, fabulous house sounds like the perfect place for the girls to brush up on their tan and catch up with the latest gossips.

However, Polly remembered only at the last minute that she has never set foot in her rooftop terrace. This is why it is not quite ready to host any guests yet. Oops! Do you think you can help?

Choose your favorite items and start decorating! From carefully painted fences and green tiles to water slides and exotic flowers … Everything you need is just a click away! Should you want to try your hand at gardening, there is a wide variety of plants and seeds you can choose from.

Put your imagination to the test, and come up with the most astonishing and unique designs! Polly and Lila are sure to love them. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

How should our garden look?

To see your available equipment, click on the purple tray at the bottom of the screen. Use the arrows to navigate through them. If something looks stacked, you have as many units as you want from that item. Otherwise, you can see how many pieces you’ve got left by the number next to them.

See something you like? Just click on it and then drop it into the desired place. To make Polly walk and discover other parts of the terrace, simply click on another empty tile, and she’ll stroll in that direction.

To start off, you can plant seeds and watch your garden grow! To turn your rooftop into nourishing soil, you will need to pick up the shovel from the left side of the screen first and dig up some dirt. Sprinkle some seeds, water them afterward and wait for the magic to happen. Strawberries, Tinkerbells, and chamomile will bewitch your garden with their sweet aroma and playful colors.

Create a path through your enchanted forest by putting on some crystal tiles. Or why not play with heart-shaped marble instead? Go ahead and choose from the purple tray how you would like your sidewalks to look like.

What else you should know

Now it’s decoration time! Bring a personal touch to your garden by cutting the trees into elephant-shaped bushes or choose a tropical palm tree to make it more exotic. Put up Polly’s tent or build a BBQ grill and some sunbeds for the girls to work on their tan. 

Last but not least, you can build a home for the fluffy, four-footed little ones! They will surely enjoy the fresh air. From cats, dogs, and fishes to cozy cottages, funny playtoys, and delicious food, you’ve got everything you need to make a home sweet home for them!

Once you are satisfied with the results, activate the magic wand on the left side of the screen. Whoosh it over different objects and watch them come to life! Who knows, a wild animal or a powerful waterfall might appear…

Now that you know how to play let’s plant and decorate!