Dolphin Ride

Are you prepared to improve your swimming skills in the Polly Pocket: Dolphin Ride game? Dive underwater, collect all the rings, and stay out of trouble!

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Polly has all kinds of friends, and it's no wonder that Daisy Dolphin is one of them! Will you join the cute pair for an underwater adventure in the Polly Pocket: Dolphin Ride game? The bubbly teenager needs some help navigating the sea. Can you lend her a hand and teach her to swim?

Everyone knows that dolphins are amazingly fast in the water. Still, Daisy needs some assistance to pick up her missing rings. Join her and Polly, dive in the ocean, and keep an eye out for the items. Just remember to stay away from other creatures!

How to Play

Are you ready for a swim? You can control Polly's movements by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard. Press Up and Down to avoid the obstacles and stay out of trouble. Can you collect all the rings?

Your main task here is to pick up the floating items. To do this, you will need to learn a few moves and dodge as needed. The rings are everywhere, but you have to take your time and try not to rush. Who knows, maybe you're not the only ones in the water!

Even if you are a skilled swimmer, friendly dolphins are not the only creatures in the sea. Sometimes, you will come across fish, octopuses, and other obstacles. You have to pay attention not to bump into them, or you will have to restart your adventure from the beginning!

Are you ready to have some fun with Polly Pocket and Daisy Dolphin? Dive through the ocean, search for the items, and collect every ring! Your friends will surely appreciate your help!