My Russian Gems

Test your word skills in the American Girl: My Russian Gems game! Unscramble letters to solve popular sayings, and enjoy a cheerful puzzle challenge.

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About My Russian Gems Game

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My Russian Gems is a delightful puzzle game that brings a twist to your favorite summer sayings! In this American Girl-themed game, phrases and words are all jumbled up, waiting for you to put them back together. It's a world where letters dance, and words play hide and seek.

Your mission in this game is both fun and challenging. You'll rearrange scrambled letters to form familiar expressions and sayings. With each correct phrase you uncover, you'll be greeted with cheerful applause, celebrating your word wizardry!

How to Play

Simply use your mouse to drag letters into the blank spaces. This is how you'll form words and phrases.

Each level presents you with a new jumble of letters and blank spaces for words or phrases. It's up to you to figure out how these letters fit together. Drag each letter to the correct spot, and watch as the scrambled jumble transforms into a meaningful expression.

The length of these expressions varies, ranging from two words to complex six-word phrases. But don't worry, you're not alone in this puzzle adventure! Each expression comes with a handy hint to nudge you in the right direction.

What else you should know

Two additional buttons help you along the way:

- Check: Click this after placing a letter to see if it's in the right spot. If it is, the space turns pink, and the letter stays put.

- Skip: If a puzzle has you stumped, use this button to move on to a new challenge.

In this challenge, every letter counts, and every phrase brings a smile. So, are you ready to unscramble the fun and reveal the hidden sayings? Let the word adventure begin!