Samantha Sweet Scoops

Play the Samantha Sweet Scoops game and help the girl serve the orphans a delicious treat! Collect all the right ingredients for the perfect sundae!

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About Samantha Sweet Scoops Game

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Create one of the most delicious ice cream desserts and put a smile on the orphans' faces in the Samantha Sweet Scoops game! Samantha is passionate about helping the Cold Rock House orphanage in any way since she is also an orphan. Raising funds through an ice cream party is a great idea! Pretty tasty too!

Your goal in this game is to catch all the ingredients for the ice cream sundae servings in your bowl. The trick is to collect them all in order and avoid all the food that doesn't belong there, so you won't have to start over! Clear all the levels and create amazing desserts for the orphanage kids!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. The panel on the left of your screen shows you the sundae order and the ingredients required to make it. Move your mouse around the screen as the items fall and collect the ones you need to create the perfect sundae!

Pay attention! Many items will fall from the top of your screen, but some of them don't belong in your delicious ice cream sundae! Collect the right ingredients in the correct order, or you will lose a try. You only have five chances before the game's over, so hold onto them!

You can clear the level and move on to the next one as soon as you fulfill all your orders. Be careful, though! There might be obstacles in your way! The game will warn you when a pickle falls from the top of your screen. Do not catch it in your bowl, or you will have to start over!

So will you join Samantha in serving delicious ice cream sundaes to the orphans? Put a smile on their face and get a taste of the treat yourself!