Mia: A Skater's Dream

Play the Mia: A Skater's Dream game and peek into the girl's impressive scrapbook! Unlock all the pages for various minigames and special bonus quizzes!

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About Mia: A Skater's Dream Game

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Play the Mia: A Skater's Dream game and take a peek into the young girl's scrapbook to find out more about her life, family, and passions! Ever since she was very young, Mia's dream has been to become a world-known skater. She's training every day and gathering memories in her scrapbook. Ready to find out what she's hiding in there?

Your goal is to play all the minigames in the scrapbook and unlock the secret bonus trivia game on each page! Each game is fun and has an original way to play, so you definitely won't get bored while trying to unlock the quiz and reach the last page! Read the information in the scrapbook and try answering as many questions as possible correctly!

How to Play

This game is in the shape of a scrapbook and contains multiple minigames. Each game has its instructions and requires you to use either the mouse or the keyboard. However, all relate to Mia's biggest passion, which is skating. Play them at least once to unlock the secret bonus quizzes and the final game on the last page of the scrapbook!

Here are all the fun activities that Mia has in store for you: 

- Sharpen: keep the skates straight during sharpening and don't lose accuracy

- Sew It Up: drag the pin through the shapes and reach the star at the end

- Energy In Energy Out: collect all the healthy food and maintain your energy

- Hockey Shots: click to select the power and accuracy when shooting the puck and score

- Counting Coins: count the pennies and guess the sum

- Spin: press the arrows at the right time and watch Mia spin

- Beading: find the missing beads and complete the skating costume

- Figure Eight: drag the skate through the shape and reach the snowflake at the end

- Skating Jumble: find the right words among the tangled letters 

These are all essential steps when Mia prepares for a competition. Join her on her training journey to becoming the best skater!

What else you should know

Completing all the minigames will unlock the secret bonus trivia game. As it is a trivia game, you will have to answer questions about the things you learned from Mia's scrapbook. Test your knowledge and try to answer all the questions correctly!

Eventually, you will also unlock the last page of the scrapbook, which contains the final game and step before Mia's competition! In the Final Rehearsal game, try pressing all the numbers and letters on the screen to watch the young girl spin and perfect her skating routine!

Will you be able to help Mia in her daily skating practice and answer all the quiz questions correctly? Test your knowledge and prove you know all about skating!