Lanie's Pizza Garden

Play the Lanie's Pizza Garden game and help Lanie out in her pizza garden! Stack items in an order, deal with any weather, and fill the flower meter!

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About Lanie's Pizza Garden Game

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Play the Lanie's Pizza Garden game and learn all about the fresh ingredients used to make the best meals in the world! Lanie loves to get her hands dirty and grow vegetables in her little garden. Fun fact about it:  it has the shape of a pizza! Each slice represents a different vegetable and color!

If you're a fan of games like Tetris, you will love this one! Your goal is to stack items in a specific order and fill the pizza garden meter on the side. Many events can happen during the game, such as the sky filling with clouds or a cold wind might blow. You can even unlock bonus games, so try your best to win points!

How to Play

You need both your mouse and keyboard to play this game. You can use your arrow keys to move the items from side to side or change their position. Changing the order of the objects is done by clicking and dragging them up or down. 

Try placing the items in the correct order: pots on the bottom, seeds in the middle, and watering cans on top. The objects are ready to be cleared by the passing sun as soon as they're in the mentioned order. Any other way to arrange them will not do!

Your purpose is to earn points and fill the meter on the right side of your screen. At the top of the meter, you will notice Lanie's pizza garden. Try to match the seed in your columns with the items shown in every slice, and you will gain bonus points!

You can also stack five, six, or seven items together. That will automatically unlock weather events on your game board and offer you some advantages. Rain will fall and change random objects into watering cans, while the clouds will keep the sunlight away for a while, and the strong wind will clear some items from the grid.

What else you should know

Clearing each level unlocks the bonus game. Try to click and drag each seed to its rightful place in the pizza-shaped garden. Once it's on it, you will see the size of the fully grown plant. Plant all the seeds you have and watch them grow.

The faster you plant each vegetable seed, the higher your score is. The trick is to keep the plants at a distance from each other and not overlap them. Don't forget the plants will have a different size once they're in the ground! If they overlap, you will lose points!

So are you ready to become a master gardener and help Lanie out in her pizza garden? Learn how to take care of plants and watch them grow!