Chrissa: Water Balloon Battle

Play the Chrissa: Water Balloon Battle game and enjoy a challenging but fun game in the sun! Aim at the boys and launch your water balloons to soak them!

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About Chrissa: Water Balloon Battle Game

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Enjoy a fun summer competition and put your aiming skills to the test in the Chrissa: Water Balloon Battle game! Chrissa and her friends love hanging out by the lake, but the neighborhood's pesky boys always bother them. It's time for a water balloon battle to decide who's better! Will you join in on the fun?

Your job in this game is simple! Grab a water balloon and throw it at one of the boys on the shore to soak them. Be quick, or you will get drenched! Being wet is not fun, but it might help with the summer heat. It's only for fun, after all! Join Chrissa in this battle and help her win against the boys in her neighborhood!

How to Play

You will need both your mouse and your keyboard to play this game! Use your mouse to aim and launch the water balloons and the keyboard to move your paddleboard from side to side. Your goal is to hit the boys with the balloons before they do and soak you. The more you get hit, the meter at the bottom empties, and it will be game over.

There is also a wind meter at the bottom of your screen. It will show you the intensity and the direction of the wind. The number tells you how strong the wind is, while the arrow points in the direction it blows. If it's windy, the balloon you threw will stray away and not hit your target, so keep that in mind!

You can obtain power-ups by hitting the boys or animals with the water balloons. There are several in the game, such as the score multipliers, the stars that give instant points, and the infinity sign, which provides unlimited water balloons. You can also restore your hit bar or stop the wind!

So are you ready to have some fun this summer and get into a friendly competition with those pesky boys? Help Chrissa win and show off your aim!