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Have a blast with the Candy Bubble game in a sweet and colorful realm! Are you ready to pop bubbles and destroy candy to reach the final level?

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Explore the world of desserts with the Candy Bubble game! If you are a sharpshooter with a passion for bubble-shooter challenges, you'll love this whimsical game. The pastel-colored background and delicious pastries are bound to brighten your day. Are you ready to step inside this adorable world?

Meet your companions for this light-hearted adventure! A pretty fairy and her fluffy poodle will be your trusted friends in the world of sweets. Namely, they will offer helpful instructions and even tips for a higher score. Isn't that neat?

How to Play

Your sweet journey will consist of twenty fun levels. Naturally, each one of them will bring on new challenges. Get ready to blast through cookies and hit lollipops for extra points!

Have you started popping bubbles already? It's easy as pie! To begin with, take a close look at the color of the bubble you need to launch. Can you find a large group of elements of the same color on the screen? If you manage to match three or more, the group and all the bubbles underneath them will disappear. 

Have you noticed that you can adjust your shot angle by bouncing the bubble against a wall? It's a great way to reach difficult places on the screen! Use this trick to knock down multiple items at once and gain a ton of points. You will accomplish the three-star goal in no time! 

What else you should know

Every move needs to be strategic if you want to win! Have you noticed that you can swap bubbles before you launch them? You can do so with a single click on the cannon at the bottom of the screen. Make smart choices to gain more points!

Can you accomplish the goal of each level? Sometimes you might need to clear out all the bubbles on the screen, collect golden keys, or smash through cookies. It sounds like a ton of fun! However, you will need to change up your gaming style on every level to adapt to every mission. 

The least bubbles you use to complete the level, the more bonus points you will have in the end. Did you know that each bubble can provide additional points if it hits a lollipop? Therefore, you should play smart and make as few moves as possible. You'll surely reach the high score list in this delicious universe in no time!