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You'll love playing the Bubble Charms 2 game if you are a fan of adorable creatures! Can you pop the bubbles accompanied by your new friends?

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About Bubble Charms 2 Game

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Don't miss out on the Bubble Charms 2 game if you are feeling a little bit gloomy! This whimsical bubble-shooter challenge is bound to put a smile on your face. Are you ready to explore a world of fantasy and meet many adorable friends? You're going to have a lot of light-hearted fun!

What sets this game apart is a unique atmosphere and character design. Doesn't it remind you of your favorite anime? Joined by sweet and helpful pets, popping bubbles will be so much more satisfying! Aren't you excited to give it a try?

How to Play

The best part about this game is that there are over 40 stages to complete. Isn't that impressive? Besides, you can also collect charming companions to help you along the way. In the beginning, you can only play with Neiko, the orange cat, but you can unlock new pets as you move forward or even pay for them. How unique!

Are you ready to start popping the bubbles? Pick the trajectory by moving your cursor left to right, then click to launch it. Can you aim precisely and form a large group of bubbles? If you manage to match three or more, you will clear the items off the screen and receive valuable points. It will fill up the meter at the top left corner of the screen and bring you closer to the next level. 

Have you noticed that bubbles are not the only objects on the screen? You can gather coins by popping all the items around them. The same goes for rocks, which can block up many bubbles and become troublesome unless you clear them off. 

What else you should know

Make sure you take advantage of your pet! Each one has a different ability that you can use in each stage of the game to your advantage. To use their power, you need to pop the sparkling bubbles and fill up their action bar. Read on to find out more about the cool items they can generate!

Let's talk about bombs! There are two types available in this match-three challenge. Regular ones will explode a group of items, while color bombs will turn a large group of bubbles the same color. Oh, and let's not wait about fireballs! They will clear off an entire row or line. Isn't that a great way to earn points?

This game will brighten up even the most monotonous day! You will spend hours in the company of adorable critters who live in a whimsical world filled with bright colors. Besides, the more you practice, the faster and smarter you will become!