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Let your worries go with the Bubble Spinner game! There's nothing more relaxing than shooting bubbles and creating large groups of matching colors!

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About Bubble Spinner Game

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    625 x 675
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Don't miss out on the Bubble Spinner game if you want to melt away all the stress! This relaxing challenge is so addictive that you'll have a hard time leaving your PC or putting down your phone. Have you noticed the serene music and smooth graphic design? They'll help you wind down and focus on getting a high score in this challenge.

The game consists of a single round that goes on for as long as you can survive. Study the group of colored bubbles and shoot to create a group of three or more of the same type. Be careful, as the group of bubbles will spin with every shot you make! How many points can you score before the board gets too crowded and the game is over?

How to Play

Let's start shooting! Do you notice the cannon at the top of the screen? Aim it at a group of bubbles by using your cursor! The arrow will help you make a precise shot. Whenever you are ready, click to shoot. It's that easy!

The goal is to clear out as many bubbles as possible. How can you do that? Easy! Try to make groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. The more you can remove at a time, the better your score will be! Therefore, you should aim carefully and make the best of every move. Remember that there are six different hues: blue, yellow, navy, pink, orange, and green.

Are you stuck? If there are no matches available, try to throw at an angle. The bubbles will bounce off the edges of the game board. As a result, if you calculate the angle carefully, you'll be able to make a match on any location on the board. Besides, you can even take a peek at the next colorful bubble you will shoot. Try to think ahead, as every move you make matters!

Whenever the groups of bubbles get too close to the edge, they will turn red. Try your best to clear them off as soon as possible! Now and then, bubbles will randomly appear in various parts of the screen. The game is over if there's not enough space for them. Ouch!

However, the game is so addictive that you'll want to restart it over and over. If you keep practicing, you'll learn just how relaxing and fun this challenge can be!