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Have a blast with the Beyblade Blitz game, joined by your favorite manga characters! Are you ready to compete among the best and let it rip?

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Try out an exciting puzzle with the Beyblade Blitz game! Are you a fan of the famous game called Zuma? Do you admire the courage and determination of the manga heroes in the Beyblade series? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then you should try this thrilling challenge as soon as possible! Are you skilled enough to join the ranks of Gingka Hagane and Zyro Kurogane?  Then stop hesitating and let it rip!

Do whatever it takes to match three or more Beyblades!

The concept of this game is quite familiar, especially if you have played similar online games before. You are faced with a series of thrilling challenges, each one more difficult than the previous. The goal of each level is simple: clear the board of all the beys before they reach the critical area, marked with a 'Z'. Do you think you can handle all these powerful spinning tops and use them to your advantage?

The gameplay will have you blasting out Beyblades in no time! You are in control of a powerful bey launcher, which you need to yield to your advantage. Simply move your mouse to aim, then click to launch the Beyblade. Create matches of three or more beys of the same color to clear them off the screen. Sounds quite straightforward, right?

As is the case with all good puzzle games, the simpler the premise, the more difficult the challenge! You will soon notice that each level has a different configuration, which you need to figure out fast if you want to succeed. Find out which paths the beys will take and prepare yourself with a good strategy! Can you think on your feet and find a solution for all of the challenges you may face?

Bonuses and unique features make each level much more exciting!

Once you have the basics of the game under control, you need to focus on ways to score more points to finish the more difficult levels successfully.

To begin with, you will need to be familiar with the different available power-ups. Aim at them to unleash their valuable powers! Some of them will grant you the ability to eliminate inconvenient beys using bombs, others will wipe out all beys of a specific color or even rewind them. Use all of these wisely, at the right time, and you will surely win the level!

However, there are certain obstacles that you need to avoid to reach success. Learn how to recognize them by looking out for a red-colored border. These features of the game are also incredibly important because they have a significant impact on the gameplay! Can you believe that some of them can fast-forward the row of Beyblades, or even freeze your launcher? 

There are many other surprises in store for you in this thrilling puzzle game.  How good is your timing? You will need to launch beys through tunnels and figure out complicated labyrinths in the nick of time! What is more, sometimes, you will even need to switch between multiple launcher pads! Do you think you are fast and skilled enough to face these challenges?

Get ready to let it rip joined by your favorite characters from the colorful and exciting Beyblade series! Become familiar with the intricate spinning tops and learn how to control their considerable power to become the world's greatest blader! You will surely have a lot of fun and learn more about this fantastic universe!