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Become a part of the exciting and colorful Beyblade Metal Masters universe with Epic Battles game! Be the winner of this challenging tournament!

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Play Beyblade Metal Masters: Epic Battles game to become a competitor and experience one-on-one Beyblade duels! If you are familiar with this famous manga series, you must know about the world championships that the WBBA organizes to decide who is the most skilled Beyblade racer.

Did you know that a new place has just opened up? You have the unique opportunity to compete and win in one of the most exciting competitions on earth! Do you think you are skilled enough to face the all-stars and even win against them? There's only one way to find out!

Build a profile that suits your personality and battle style!

The very first step of the game involves building a Beyblade persona that reflects your personality. To begin with, you need to choose a nickname. Next, it's time to select a difficulty level. Go for Easy if you want to fight only for three rounds with an opponent, Medium if you'd prefer five rounds, or Hard if you think you can withstand 7 rounds. How brave are you?

As you surely know by now, there are multiple teams in Beyblade tournaments. They support each other through thick and thin, and lend a helping hand whenever it's needed! Which one do you want to become a part of? You can join Gingka and play using his mighty Galaxy Pegasus, or try Masamine's group if you fancy the Ray Striker.  Do you like the Earth Eagle or the Flame Libra? Then you should go to Tsubasa's or Yu's team.  No matter which one of the groups in the Gan Gan Galaxy you choose, I'm sure you'll have a blast during this adrenaline-filled tournament! 

Anticipate your enemy's moves to succeed!

The gameplay in this Beyblade tournament is not too complicated. You can attack or protect yourself with the simple press of a button. Use the Z key to make your Beyblade sparkle and perform a Power Attack. You can defend yourself by jumping up, using the C key, or avoid attacks by going in reverse, using the X key.  Use the V key to perform an Energy Boost and replenish your energy. 

However, you should keep in mind that all of these techniques have a specific cooldown time. You will be unable to perform any other special abilities for a variable number of seconds, so make sure you plan out your moves carefully! You should also remember that you can click on the buttons on the left side of the screen if you so prefer! How convenient, right?

Your goal at the beginning of each level is to deplete the enemy's energy before you run out. This implies that you have great control of your Beyblade. What is more, keep in mind that the enemy has the same abilities as yours! They are just as quick, cunning, and witty as they are in the series, so don't underestimate them in battle! So get ready for a series of grueling duels and, as we say in the Beyblade universe, let it rip!