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Play Beyblade Metal Masters: Metal Mania game to experience a more exciting type of paintball! Join your favorite racers and earn as many points as you can!

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Are you skilled enough to win an exciting challenge with the Metal Mania game?  It's a more extreme and thrilling version of the popular game called pinball. Join the heroes of Beyblade: Metal Masters for a unique experience! Are your aim and strategy good enough to become the winner of this challenging test?  Now you have the chance to join your favorite manga characters and have a lot of fun! Get ready to let it rip!

How far can you go to become the best?

The game consists of twenty-six exciting levels which will challenge you to push your limits and become the best Beyblade racer in the world. You need to complete the previous stage to move on to the next. Don't underestimate your mission, as the levels are getting increasingly difficult! Can you complete them all?

The goal of each level is to clear all the beys on the screen. You can do so by carefully aiming the Beyblade launcher, then releasing to launch it in the game space. Pay close attention to all the bouncing elements on the board so you can plan each launch to take out as many Beyblades as you can!  

What is more, you should take a glance at the bottom of the screen to check on how many beys you still have to take out. You can also check your energy level in the lower right corner of the screen. It's quite helpful, as you can't launch another Beyblade until the energy of the previous runs out. Remember to also keep an eye on the timer in the upper part of the screen! 

Power-ups and threats will spice up your gaming experience! 

You will find that the game is much more challenging because of the different obstacles you will find along the way. You should be careful not to hit certain beys unless you are looking for trouble!

Your precious Beyblade can travel through portals, become caught in spider webs, burnt, or blasted by tornados! Make sure you check the complete list of threats in the instructions category and avoid them at all cost! They will surely stunt your development as a Beyblade racer, so make sure you recognize them fast enough!

However, don't get too discouraged! There are some power-ups and bonuses that you can aim for to make your mission a tad easier. For instance, you can gain extra speed, time, or even protection. Would you like a cool shield made out of flames or a temporary floor barrier? What about doubling your score or launching multiple beys at the same time? Then you should select the right angle and make your shot! You will surely blast through the levels in no time if you learn how to use this feature wisely! 

Besides, there are numerous achievements that you can unlock as you progress through the levels. It adds an extra element of competition and even motivation, as you practice! You will soon notice that your skills are getting better and you're also having more fun! Can you be the best Beyblader in the word? Become even greater than Gingka with this thrilling online experience!