Beyblade Chaos

Play Beyblade Metal Fusion: Beyblade Chaos game to enjoy a combination between your favorite manga series and a puzzle game! Can you clear the Beystadium?

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Solve the puzzle in the Beyblade Chaos game to help your favorite manga heroes defeat evil! The Beyblade series is based on the premise of exciting challenges where only the most skilled player can win. The beys are the primary weapon in battle! Can you handle these elaborate and incredibly powerful spinning tops? You will need to practice your speed and strategy to clear up the chaos that has developed on the Beystadium. It's time to let it rip and show what you're really made of!

The concept of the game is quite simple. You will face a stadium chocked full of Beyblades of different colors. Your goal is to tidy up this huge mess! You can do so by clicking on groups of same-colored beys on the screen. Seems easy as pie, right?

The gameplay is extremely straightforward. All you need to do is click on groups of similar items to clear them up from the board. As simple as it sounds, it's important to remember what is your final goal: to get rid of all the Beyblades in the stadium. This implies that you need to plan your moves with great care if you want to succeed. Can you anticipate the movement of the elements and clear out as many of them as you can to reach a high score?

Completing this challenge will be harder than it seems! 

As is the case with most puzzle games, there's a catch! You will need to hurry up as you strategize because you are up against the clock. The timer on the right side of the screen will be your greatest enemy in this thrilling puzzle game! Can you hurry up and finish in record time? You will be rewarded with extra points for your swiftness!

What is more, you can also earn points by making smart moves! Be on the lookout and try to create large groups of one-colored Beyblades! It will help you score more points and clear out the board even faster. Are your thinking wheels already spinning?

The game will end when there are no more valid combinations on the board. It's time to stop the counter and tally up the points! Enjoy the succession of fast-paced rounds and see what your personal high score is! You can even challenge your friends to a thrilling Beyblade competition! Are you ready to let it rip?