Blade Race

Join the Beybladers for an exciting and fast-paced challenge with Beyblade Metal Fusion: Blade Race game! Are you ready for an extreme dose of adrenaline?

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Test out your speed and agility with the Blade Race game! Get ready to immerse in the atmosphere of the Beyblade Metal Fusion series! Do you remember the very first season of this legendary manga series? It follows the epic journey of a brave blader who fights against an evil organization called the Dark Nebula!

Join Gingka Hagane, as he tries to get revenge for the death of his father and become the best blader in the world!

The concept of this game is simple, but the fast-paced rhythm will make your ride quite challenging! All you need to do is travel as fast and as far as you can on the unique blading course. The goal is to earn as many points as possible and make use of all the cool elements on the track! 

There's no room for mistakes in the Beyblade world!

I'm sure you'll get used to the fast-forward gameplay in no time!  All you need to do is guide your Beyblade using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the up arrow to slow down your bey, but make sure you don't go too slow! Moving fast around the track is what will earn you points!

Check on your score at any time by glancing at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also see the distance you have traveled so far in the bottom right corner. However, make sure you keep your eyes on the track!

The biggest challenge about this game is the fact that you are wiped out at your first misstep. Make sure you don't touch the railings of the track at any point!

What is more, you should take advantage of all the elements in your path, such as the ramps. They will launch you in the air and help you travel further, earning you extra points! However, you should keep in mind that you still need to land carefully. Every mistake will send you straight back to the beginning of the race! 

Test your ability to react fast with the winds and forks on the Beyblade racetrack! It will seem hard at first, but practice makes perfect! I'm sure you'll be challenging your friends to exciting competitions in no time! Find out who can get the highest score!