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About Destruction Zyro Game

Try Beyblade Shogun Steel: Destruction Zyro game to test out your Beyblade battle skills! Have you ever heard of Zyro Kurogane? He is an aspiring Beyblade racer, also known as the Blader of Fire! He is enthusiastic, determined, and has a single-minded focus: to become just as good or even better than Gingka Hagane. Naturally, this isn't an easy task to accomplish, especially if you know anything about the reputation of the best blader in the world! Are you ready to lend out a much-needed helping hand to Zyro? If you fail, you will be forced to face your destruction!

Are you skilled enough to control a powerful Beyblade?

The concept of the game is simple yet exciting. It consists of fifteen levels of increasing difficulty. Each one of them will have you face a more skilled enemy and navigate a more complex game map. In each stage of the game, you aim to reach the end of the labyrinth before the time runs out. However, simple that may sound, you will find that this game will pose many challenges!

To begin with, you need to get familiar with the gameplay and controls. Move your Beyblade using the four arrows on your keyboard. Keep in mind that they control both the direction and the speed of your bey! Each level contains dangerous railings, bridges, and tight corridors. Therefore, in most cases, slow and steady wins the race! However, you shouldn't forget that time is your greatest enemy! Check on the chronometer often and adjust your speed accordingly!

One of the coolest features of this game is the fact that you have multiple chances to get used to the challenges of each level and win. You have three lives at your disposal, and every time you get wiped out, you will start the game where you left off. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about going back to the beginning of the level! What is more, any bonuses and power-ups you might have will be restored when you revive. Isn't that cool? You can always check on how many lives you have left by glancing at the top right corner of the screen. 

Spice up your gaming experience with these cool features!

After just a few rounds, you will find that each labyrinth in the game has a particular move that you need to figure out to succeed. To start figuring it out, you need to observe the specific type of obstacle in each level, as well as to take a good look at the level map in the main menu. Sometimes you will face electric barriers, that will test out your timing. In some instances, you will also need to pay attention to bombs, the range of certain weapons, and even portals!  Take your time to discover every element on the board, then figure out the best way to surpass all obstacles. 

The most exciting feature of this game is undoubtedly the Beyblade battle. Any time an opponent enters the arena, you will receive a notification in the right-hand corner of the screen. Bump against the rival Beyblade to begin a one-on-one confrontation. Are you extremely agile? You will need to follow the critical combo on the screen to beat your opponent. Otherwise, you will lose one of your valuable beys!

Do you think you have the necessary skill to beat all rivals and make a name for yourself? Play this game to find out if you have what it takes to become the world's greatest blader!

Game Details and Stats

Destruction Zyro is an excellent Beyblade game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Friday, August 09, 2019. The game has been played 4051 times so far and has received a rating of 87 / 100 from a total of 140 user votes, 122 likes and 18 dislikes. Destruction Zyro uses Flash technology to be compatible with most browsers. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 800px and the height of 600px. If you enjoy playing Destruction Zyro, you might be excited finding out that there are 11 more Beyblade games you can try! The most popular is Epic Battles and the most recently added is Beyblade Blaster

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