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Try Beyblade Metal Fusion: Rip It game to measure your forces in a one-on-one battle! Defeat Doji and prove that you are the best blader in the world!

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Get ready for an exciting duel with Beyblade Metal Fusion: Rip It game! As you very well know, Doji is the greatest villain of the Beyblade series and the leather of a dangerous organization called the Dark Nebula. He is very well known for his cruelty, arrogance, and extraordinary power! Only you can face him in battle and defeat him! Are you fast and skilled enough to stop the evil forces from taking over the world?

The first step you have to take is to choose your character. Will you go for Gingka, the main hero? He is calm and determined, which makes him the number one Beyblade racer in the world! Kyoya and Benkei are more unconventional choices, but they can also be inspiring! No matter which character you choose, you're in for a lot of fun!

Learn on your feet or get defeated!

It's time to pick out your bey and get ready for the duel! You have three exciting options available. Do you like the green Fang Leone, the red Drago Rush, or the blue Pegasus more? Decide quickly and defeat Doji!

The game consists of a challenging battle, made out of multiple rounds. You have to outrun your opponent without losing all your health, carefully navigating through the obstacles on the tracks. Do you think you are powerful enough to defeat the most menacing villain in the Beyblade series?

The gameplay is quite intuitive. Press the spacebar key to accelerate, and steer the bey by pressing the left and right arrows on your keyboard.  Make sure you handle the controls with great care, as your bey can get off-track pretty quickly! You need to outrun Doji to win each round. Keep a close eye on him; otherwise, you'll lose health!

Tips and tricks to defeat this worthy opponent

To defeat evil and become the best Beyblade racer, you have to make Doji run out of Beyblades before he makes you run out of yours. You each start with three, which means you need to do your best if you want to win. Defeat Doji three times before losing all your lives to move on to the next level of difficulty. How far along can you go? Keep in mind that if you get wiped out by Doji, you will need to restart your journey from the beginning! 

Another essential trick is to pace yourself and pay close attention to the obstacles in the road. It's more important to navigate the winding track successfully than to bump against your opponent. Try to leave him behind early on in the round, then concentrate exclusively on a fast and clean race!

Are you ready for the ultimate Beyblade challenge? Keep a close eye on the opponent and make sure you think on your feet! It's the only way to defeat evil and become the best Beyblade racer in the world!