Webisode 13: Fashionland Fun!

Webisode 13: Fashionland Fun awaits! Join the Diva Starz on a glam day at fashion-themed attractions. Decide their adventure & dive into a world of glitz!

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The Diva Starz (including Miranda) are set for an extraordinary day out in Fashionland. As they explore, they discover four amazing attractions, each with its very own fashion-themed twist. Prepare for giggles, gasps, and a whole lot of glamour!

Your task? Guide each of the Diva Starz to the attractions of their choice and watch as the rides work their fashion magic. Will you send them all on the same ride, or will each one take on a different attraction? The choices and the fun are all yours!

How to Play

To begin with, just use your mouse to pick a Diva Star and drag her to one of the four sparkling attractions. Don't forget, you can move all four Diva Starz at once before deciding to start the fun! When you're ready for the magic to begin, click the "Go" button.

Once the "Go" button is clicked, each chosen attraction reveals its whimsical fashion wonder. On the Hot Roller Coaster, get ready to see some jaw-dropping hair transformations. If you thought a roller coaster was just for thrills, wait till you see this one twist and turn the Diva Starz's hair into fun, wild styles!

Next stop, the Merry Go Gown. This isn't your regular carousel. As it spins, it adorns the Diva Starz with gorgeous dresses, each more splendid than the last. Who knew spinning could be this stylish?

Now, if you're in the mood for a more dramatic transformation, Face Mountain is where it's at! It's not just a climb; it's a place where fabulous makeovers await. Watch as the Diva Starz come down with stunning new looks!

Lastly, the Hat-O-Rama is a hat lover's dream come true. As the Diva Starz pass through, they're gifted with the trendiest hats, perfect for any fashion-forward adventurer.

Fashionland Fun combines the thrill of amusement parks with the wonder of fashion transformations. It's a world where each decision leads to delightful fashion surprises. Whether you're a fashion guru or an amusement park enthusiast, this game offers a blend of fun that's hard to resist.

So, why wait? Dive into the magical world of Fashionland and let the fashion fun begin!