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Explore the magical rooms of Alexa, Summer, Tia, and Nikki in the Diva Starz: Meet the Starz game. Ready to uncover secrets and play unique minigames?

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About Meet the Starz Game

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Imagine a place where each room holds a new adventure and fun secrets. In the Meet the Starz game, you're about to step into such a place. Here, you're invited into the colorful rooms of the Diva Starz girls: Alexa, Summer, Tia, and Nikki. Each room is a special place, reflecting the personality of the girl it belongs to.

Your mission is simple and super fun: explore and discover! Dive deep into each room, uncovering the secrets and stories of each Diva Starz girl. Along the way, you'll find fun minigames to play and challenges to master. Are you ready to meet the stars?

How to Play

Exploring the place is easy-peasy! All you need is your mouse. Move it around to see and explore the different parts of each room. When you find something that catches your eye, just click on it. Whether it's a diary, an aquarium, a music gadget, or a skateboard, your mouse is the key to all the fun.

You'll soon notice that every room is a new adventure. As you move your mouse around, you can check out cool things like toys, shoes, and clothes. But that's not all! Each room also has a special game waiting for you.

Try all the minigames!

In Alexa's room, there's a diary. If you click it, you get to see her hidden secrets and dreams. What do you think she writes about?

Summer has a big aquarium in her room. Clicking it lets you create an underwater world. Pick your own fish friends, add plants, and even choose a toy for the fish. You can also add other water pals like turtles or seahorses.

Tia's room is all about tech and music. Her Digi-Gadget lets you be a music star! Mix and match sounds from different instruments like drums and keys. With so many choices, you can make tons of cool songs.

Nikki is all about skateboarding. In her room, you'll find a skateboard game. Watch Nikki do cool skateboard moves, like "Diva Ollie" or "Kickin' Flip." Then, try to remember and copy them. Can you keep up with Nikki's cool tricks?

What else you should know

What's super special about this game is that every room feels like a new world. Each room tells you more about the girl who lives there. You'll feel like you're really getting to know Alexa, Summer, Tia, and Nikki.

Here's a fun tip: In each room, take your time. Look around carefully. You might find hidden surprises that aren't so obvious at first. And when playing Nikki's skateboard game, try saying the moves out loud. It might help you remember them better!

Are you excited to explore and play? Open the door and let the adventures with the Diva Starz begin!